The Singer’s Voice

An autobiographical music series

For six years, Sunday evenings at the legendary Dakota Jazz Club belonged to a live radio show called The Singer’s Voice. Hosted by Dan Chouinard at the piano, it was a song-laced conversation with a different singer each week about their life and music. Whether opera singer, blues singer, gospel singer, each talked about childhood music memories, parents’ record collections, teachers, colleagues and the mile markers of their careers.

The Singer’s Voice was instantly picked up for broadcast by KBEM-FM, the Twin Cities jazz radio station. The show was acclaimed by critics and embraced by the music community for its freshness and spontaneity, its unabashed lack of genre constraints, its spare, intimate format, its harnessing of the power of story and song.

From 1994 to 2000 Dan hosted over 200 different guests on The Singer’s Voice at the Dakota, and did a half dozen shows on the road throughout greater Minnesota. A compilation CD, Best of the Singer’s Voice came out in 1996 (out of print). The series earned Dan a nomination for Artist of the Year in 1995 from the Minnesota Music Academy.

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